Things to do

At Sandland Brygge there are things to do during your down time. We have bicycles to use free of charge to allow you explore the area, an ancient Viking settlement is sited at the entrance to the fjord, the remains of the Longhouse and boundary walls are easily seen is just one example of local interest.

Hill walking is popular with breathtaking views of the fjords and surrounding islands when you reach the summits of the various hills in the areas.

Bird watching in the height of summer is great fun, from the massive White Tailed Sea Eagle which can sometimes be tempted to take a fish thrown in the water close to your boat to various small birds attracted to your balcony with table scraps.

There are kayaks for use if you fancy a paddle around the harbour.

Available for a small fee we have a BBQ house only a few steps from your apartment, the price includes enough wood for a night’s fun and cleaning afterwards. Subject to availability traditional Norwegian fare such as reindeer, whale beef and king crab legs can be bought from the office or can be ordered in advance from Ad the manager or Stina your host.

New in 2017 there is the sauna house, again for a small fee to cover cleaning you can book this facility in advance. For the brave there is also a plunge pool in the shape of the chilly Arctic Ocean just a few steps from the front door of the sauna house.

Late in the season during September the Aurora Borealis makes a spectacular appearance, with zero light pollution and sometimes covering the whole sky with dancing waves of greens, pinks, reds, the Northern Lights at Sandland Brygge will leave you wide eyed and jaw dropped.