Shore Fishing

I will start by saying that shore fishing is under exploited in the Sandland area.

A lot of our guests enjoy land based angling at Sandland, small cod, coalfish, dabs, plaice and halibut can be caught from the boat pontoon on light spinning or LRF tackle. Bigger specimens of the same species are caught fishing with beach casting gear and bigger baits from the harbour walls; the largest halibut recorded from the harbour was in the region of 25kg with heavier fish lost.

Towards the end of the season in September when there is increasing hours of darkness is the best time for fishing from the harbour, a lot of the regular guests who come to Sandland during this month bring their shore gear and fish in the darkness after their day on the boat.

You will need to bring your own bait, black lugworm; squid and frozen mackerel are popular choices, artificial bait such as Isome and Gulp! worms are very good when using LRF tactics from the boat pontoon.

There are many more shore marks around Sandland waiting to be discovered by the exploring angler.