The Fishing

Cod Fishing

At Sandland Brygge you are in one of the best areas of Arctic Norway for giant cod. We are situated just 30 miles from the record-breaking cod grounds of Soroya where fish over 100lb have been caught on rod and line during the months of March and April.

Halibut Fishing

Halibut are everywhere at Sandland, from inside the harbour in only a few metres out to the deep drop off areas in 100m+. Each season since the camp opened its doors to guests in 2011 over 1000 halibut have been reported back for the camp records every season, fish to over 100kg have been landed with much bigger fish released and lost at the boat.

Coalfish Fishing

A very hard fighting fish that offers immense amounts of fun, especially when fishing with light gear such as spinning and fly rods. These fish will chase lures all day long and are the ideal target to get a bend in your light gear. They can be found close to shore and in shallow areas of the fjord, making them an ideal target when the weather conditions prevent you from fishing in the open sea.

General Fishing

Whilst cod, halibut and coalfish are the main target species, there are plenty of other species to target at Sandland including haddock, tusk, redfish, wolf fish, big flatfish and sea trout.