About Me

I have been fishing at Sandland Brygge since they opened for business in 2011 when I took my son to the camp for his 21st birthday.

We had an amazing week catching several cod over 40lb along with halibut, big coalfish and my favourite, big haddock.

I went to the camp with my mates for the next couple of years and became very good friends with the camp owners Steinar and Stina Halvorsen to the point where in 2013 when I was leaving after another great trip I was informed that I was now the UK agent for Sandland Brygge and to go find some customers.

In the last five years I have built up a great customer base with lots of guests returning every year or every other year, many of who have become personal friends.

Of course it does help having a camp run by friendly and professional staff like hosts Steinar & Stina, and don’t forget camp manager Ad for whom nothing is too much trouble.

In these years as UK agent I have been over to manage the camp on several occasions to allow the owners to go on holiday or to attend family occasions for up to two weeks at a time. This I believe gives me a unique perspective on what goes on at the camp, it has allowed me to have seen both sides of the coin of running the camp and also as a guest giving me an insight to what everyone expects from their holiday.

The first steps in booking your ideal Norwegian fishing adventure is to make contact with me through one of the methods set out in the contacts section of this website.

It costs exactly the same price to book the camp through myself as it is to book directly, the difference is my wealth of experience in travelling to and from the camp, advice on the best tackle and lures to take and of course, where to catch the big ones.